Helen Blackburn

Helen is currently studying Spanish at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. Helen will eventually be working in Bolivia and will be ministering and teaching English to street kids. She will work at the Coffee House for street children in the city of Tarija, Bolivia. Also, she will run kids programs.

Write Helen at: Rio Grande Bible Institute 4300 S. US Hwy. 281 Edinburgh, Texas 78539-9650  (until May 12, 2011) Or Email: blackhrb@shaw.ca

Orban and Trish Bellamy
Ryan, Eric, Heather

Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

» Visit the Bellamys’ website for more information.  You can also read their blogs – Bellamy Briefings and “Orbanisms”.

Write us at: Kubinskaya, 20 Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE ¤ 49108

Or: Box 1735 ¤ Three Hills, AB ¤ T0M 2A0 ¤ CANADA


Write us at: c/o CAM International ¤ 8625 La Prada Dr ¤ Dallas, TX ¤ 75228 ¤ USA

Phil and Jan Foster

Serving with SIL International in Nebraska, USA.

“I am Assistant to the Director and Facilitator for the Lakota Sioux Bible Translation Projects.  We are assisting Lakota believers in achieving their desire to see God’s Word in their language.  Wycliffe‘s North America Branch is responsible for all Bible translation work among tribal peoples in Canada and the US.  Jan’s responsibility for the Branch is handling all members’ financial reporting to the Organization.”

Write us at: PO Box 959 ¤ Ponca, NE ¤ 68770 ¤ USA

Karen Hoel

Serving with SIM in Edmonton, Canada.

“I am a missionary with SIM and spent nearly 24 years in Ethiopia and Ghana.  Presently I serve with SIM Culture Connexions partnering with Knox EFC in Edmonton to help mobilize and equip the church for cross-cultural ministry.  I am also seconded to work part-time with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship International Student Ministries – to welcome, love and befriend students from other countries while sharing God’s love and Word.”

Write me at: 313 10511 42AVE. NW ¤ Edmonton, AB ¤ T6J 7G8 ¤ CANADA

Doug and Connie Inglis
Michal, Kendra, James

Serving with SIL International in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Write us at: 14 1904 Millwoods RD. NW. Edmonton, AB T6K 4E4 ¤ Email




Tim and Lorna Jacobson
Heather, Bethany, Nathan

Serving with SIM in Stouffville, Canada.


Tim pastored a church in Manitoba before they went to Ethiopia (where Tim grew up as a child of missionaries) to work mainly in the area of theological education. Tim was the founder and Academic Dean of the Kale Heywet Ministry Training College and Principal of the Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa which gained accredited status during his tenure. Following that he was the Theological Education Coordinator for SIM Ethiopia, advising and supporting about 200 schools and programs at multiple levels of the (at that time) four million member Kale Heywet Church. Before becoming the Principal of SUBS, Tim was the Training Coordinator for SIM Canada, preparing missionaries for service around the globe. Tim has studied at Prairie Bible College (Dip.), Providence College (B.R.E.), and Providence Theological Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.).



Write us at: 231 Sunset Blvd ¤ Stouffville, ON ¤ L4A 3R1 ¤ CANADA

Email us at: thejacobsons@sympatico.ca

Dale and Ann Little
Kristy, Bryan, Matthew

Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission in Tokyo, Japan.

“The purpose of our lifetime ministry in Japan is to encourage BOTH the vision for church planting and strengthening AND the development of evangelical theology which gives rise to that vision.”
~The Littles
» Visit the Littles’ website for more information.

Gordon and Norma Pike

Serving with the ReachGlobal in San José, Costa Rica.

“I am a course writer (read professor of distance education) for LATN, an EFC project to bring high quality leadership training to Christian leaders throughout Latin America via Internet and other technological means.  Norma coordinates hospitality ministries for LATN.”
Write us at: Apartado 305-2350 ¤ San Francisco de dos Ríos, San José ¤ COSTA RICA

Norm and Michelle Smith

Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission on loan to the American Free Church Europe Area Office in Budapest, Hungary.

“I am part of the team that oversees about 240 missionaries living in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

  • Events Manager:  I handle the logistics for events our office plans for our missionaries (i.e. annual family missionary conferences; training events; leadership meetings; training events; seminars; and many others)
  • Short-term team c-coordinator for the area:  I assist any teams from North America that interface with the Europe Area Office with logistics details to ensure that each team has everything they need while they are here in-country.
  • Property Manager for the area: I ensure that the 5 or 6 properties that the EFCA-IM owns here in Budapest and around the area are maintained and cared for.”Michelle is involved in a number of ministries separate from mine.  Primarily they have some connection with ministering to Hungarian deaf; teaching ASL; learning Hungarian Sign Language; instructing Hungarians in how to do signed music as a ministry tool and assisting as needed at one of the Hungarian Deaf Schools.  She also mentors and pursues friendships with Hungarians, expats and foreign nationals.”
    ~NormWrite us at: H-2049 Diósd ¤ Maros u.8 ¤ HUNGARY

Daryl and Molly Porter

Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

In 2002 Daryl joined the Director Team as Europe Area Director and in 2007 as Asia Area Director also. That summer they moved back to Medicine Hat to focus full-time on the Area Director role. In addition to helping lead the EFCCM missionaries in successful ministry, Daryl spends time speaking in churches, teaching and and ecouraging others about missions.

Write us at: darylmollyporter@gmail.com

Steve and Myra Neufeld

Serving with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission

Steve has been serving as the Latin America Area Director since 1999, giving visionary leadership in the management and expansion of EFCCM ministry partnerships in the Americas. In 2008, he was given the additional role of Africa Area Director. He also serves as part of the Director Team of the EFCCM and carries a preaching ministry within the EFCC focused on global missions and evangelism. He serves as the lead missionary for our partnership work in Cuba.

Write us at: steve.neufeld@efccm.org